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What I did this weekend

This weekend I took a break from the romance world and enjoyed some independent wrestling. Yes, I am a WWE and AEW fan. While I don't know most of the newer folks, I am a fan of the Undertaker, Sasha Banks, Triple H, John Moxley, The Hart Foundation, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more. Two of my all time favorite wrestlers are Matt and Jeff Hardy. I've followed them since they showed up in the WWE (well, it wasn't the WWE in 1998...)

I've always had a mega crush on Jeff Hardy, and thought his high flying stunts were awesome. Sure, he's had his share of troubles over the years, but my fandom never wavered.

Well, yesterday I got to MEET Matt and Jeff Hardy!!!

I always feel like the goofy/dorky 45 year old fawning over a celebrity, but when it's a once in a lifetime chance, you take it. No matter how awkward you feel...

I can say, talking to Matt felt comfortable, but when it came to thinking of anything, anything at all to say to Jeff, I failed, lol. I was too star struck. But, they really are awesome guys. (And I don't hate the photo of me! Bonus!)

April 30th, 2022 I met the Hardy Boyz. I have met my fair share of folks: many Penguins hockey players, Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. I've taken my son to meet Natalya, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, the Big Show, and Shawn Michaels... but this one was for me. LOL (yes, he got to meet them too)

Jeff has always been my favorite (the one with his hood on). And yet, the one I could easily talk to was Matt. And oddly enough, I don't know why I did this, but I kept touching his shoulder while I was talking to him! How embarrassing...I'm getting a flashback of the Gilmore Girls when Laine touched the hair of the guy that she liked. Here I am touching Matt Hardy's shoulder over and over!

But they were such friendly guys, it was a great day. Then we stayed to watch the IWC show, and watch them wrestle for the IWC tag team title. They are AEW wrestlers, but making their final run. Matt is around my age and Jeff only a couple years younger. And they are very aggressive wrestlers, who do flips and acrobatics, and were famous for their table, ladders, and chair matches back in the day. (you can google Jeff and see some of his more dangerous swanton-bombs)

They were a favorite of my son's growing up as well. He used to pose for photos like Jeff Hardy, and it still cracks me up to look at them. We even have a few family photos where he is throwing up the "Hardy Guns" that Jeff always did. Yesterday he got to finally meet them in person too! (see below)

Such a cutie!!

I haven't been much for peopling since going out in public became okay again, but this was worth it and so much fun!

Granted, I didn't know 90% of the folks in IWC who were wrestling, because I don't follow that company (they are local to Pittsburgh). But there were a couple AEW wrestlers, and one former WWE wrestler there. It was a fun day! And because this is their final run, I may never get this chance again, that's why I consider it a once in a lifetime chance.

A fun time was had by all. Today I am back to writing.

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