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Our Kitty is taking seizures suddenly

We are having a rough time with out little cat, Fleury. He's like a runt, only 5lbs, but perfectly healthy and scrappy. Well, he is perfectly healthy besides having random seizures. We don't know why. His bloodwork is fine. Let me tell you, they are terrifying. He just had one about a half hour ago and I am still rattled. This started 3 years ago, he had one, then nothing for 3 years!

At the beginning of 2024 he started to get like 2 a day, then he went to 1 every other day, then finally he went 8 weeks with none! That brings us to this week, they are starting again.

They only last about a minute or two, but those are two minutes feel like eternity.

Yes, we went to the vet after that scary first week of 2024. Fleury wasn't real happy about that. They examined him and did bloodwork and everything was normal. But we had a video of the latest seizure, so the vet got to see it.

He gave us a med, but the episodes stopped again. I didn't want to give him a med while he wasn't having them. The vet agreed.

But since they are starting again, I think we need to go to the med. I don't want him to suffer if I can't keep these from happening. I wish the one a day pills were smaller. They are HUGE, and I don't think he's going to take it.

I hope to get him started before Monday. I can't stand to watch him go through these episodes. And it does stress me out worrying that he is in pain. So I'm a shaken mess right now. I'm praying he can go the next few days without, just for his well being, and ours. Ugh... being a pet mommy is hard!

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