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Delay of Game

The Renegades Series 13
Coming Soon

Kenley Nolan was headed to Pittsburgh to join the Renegades front office. Still reeling from her relationship of eight years ending on a sour note, returning home to Pittsburgh was a welcome change. Being offered a position with the Renegades hockey club was just what she needed. Even if her dad was owner of the team, and that’s why she was given the opportunity.


Logan Harris was a hometown boy, Robert Morris graduate, with Steel City pride running through his veins. Hockey was his life, and his goal was always to play for the Renegades. He had a zest for living in the moment, being reckless, and getting the spotlight to always shine on him– which tended to come off as egotistical.


His teammates didn’t like his arrogance and neither did the fans. He didn’t expect his poor relationship with the media in Florida to follow him back to Pittsburgh. And now the Pittsburgh media refused to work with him.


Not the homecoming he had hoped for.


That’s where Kenley came in. Her first assignment was to make Pittsburgh fall in love with Logan Harris. That couldn’t be too hard seeing how he was a hometown boy. Right?


Trouble was, not only was Logan her childhood crush, but he was also just as handsome as she remembered. Keeping him in the friend-zone and fending off his flirtatious ways could prove difficult as those old feelings returned.


Her assignment was to make the city fall in love with Logan– but she never expected to.

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