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Changing the Game

The Renegades Legacy
Book Two

Talia Kidd-Dash was forty and pregnant.

Talia had just turned the big 4-0. And she was still coming to terms with starting a new decade of her life when the home-pregnancy test turned positive.

This pregnancy was almost as unplanned as her drunken Vegas wedding. But that ended up being the best thing she ever did. Of course, she had dreamed of someday being called Mommy. She just never thought it would be this close to menopause.

Talia’s head was spinning with so much happening at once. She finally found the man of her dreams, professional hockey player, Harrison Dash, and they were still practically newlyweds. And suddenly, they were now expecting a baby Dash. Was she ready for the dirty diapers, middle of the night feedings, and all the crying? Would she even be a good Mom?

Harrison had been excited to hand out cigars since the day she showed him the positive pregnancy test. Now she just had to get on board, since she was the one carrying baby Dash for the next nine months.

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