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Power Play

The Renegades Series Book 12


Professional hockey player Noah Rodgers was charming, smart, and witty. A ladies’ man who was basically irresistible to women in general. One catch: he didn’t do relationships. He liked to keep his dating casual, his options open, no-strings attached. And he made no secret of his rules.

The moment he laid eyes on Jordan he knew he had to have her. Confident, classy, and legs for days– she was captivating.


Jordan Baker managed The Sin Bin restaurant in Pittsburgh, and she loved her job. She was a people person who enjoyed being in charge and rocked a mean pencil skirt and blazer. Still recovering from her last disastrous break-up, she wasn’t interested in taking chances with her heart.

Then hockey player Noah Rodgers walked into The Sin Bin.

At six foot one, with brown eyes that made her melt, Noah was not only charming, but he was devastatingly handsome. And he was focused on her. Butterflies danced in her stomach every time he was around, which seemed to be quite often.


Keeping Noah and his flirtatious ways at bay proved difficult– virtually impossible. But she was in no shape to jump into a relationship. Which is why his “dating rules” intrigued her.


No strings attached sounded easy. And after one liberating night with Noah, giving in to her desires, she had crossed over into the casual dating pool– a place she had no business being.

She was wrong; none of this was easy. Jordan didn’t like seeing Noah with other girls. She liked him too much. Her heart wasn’t ready to be broken again, therefore she needed to back off. They could only be friends going forward. And that would have to be enough for both of them.


Jordan didn’t mean it as an ultimatum.


Noah took her words as a challenge, and he didn’t like to lose. He especially didn’t want to lose her.

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