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Hi! I’m Melody Heck Gatto.


I am the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Renegades Series.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still reside in the Steel City with my husband, son, dog, and two cats. We are avid hockey fans and cheer on our Pittsburgh Penguins. Our one cat is even named FLEURY!

I am a Hallmark Channel junkie. I can’t get enough of those sappy, cliché movies. Especially Christmas ones! (or wedding, or Valentine’s Day, or autumn ones…so, yeah, ALL of them!)

I love my Starbucks, but have drastically cut back since adopting a new healthy eating practice. I’ve lost thirty pounds on #BurtonNutrition and have no plans of slowing down. You can catch me on Twitter occasionally talking about my journey to getting healthy. #AuthorsGettingHealthy

On any given day you can catch me watching the Fast and Furious movies, because I love love love Paul Walker, he is the one person I would’ve loved to have been able to meet. I love Supernatural, Sam or Dean? You mean I need to choose?? #SPNFamily

I am a General Hospital fan #GH #JaSam #CarSon You can find me in front of the tv at 2pm weekdays watching my peeps in Port Charles. I also follow Stone Cold and the Jackal - who knew Steve Burton was so funny?

Gilmore Girls is my newest guilty pleasure. I know I am late to the party, but I just found it within the last year and am the newest mega-fan, lol. Oh, and I'm #TeamLogan all the way! #roryandLogan


I can't get enough NCIS, and Chicago PD...can we just talk about the hot cops Halstead and Ruzek?? **fans self**


I’ve loved writing since I was small. In school I was the only kid excited about creative writing assignments, lol. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who encourages my writing, so I get to stay home and do what I love!

I support Suicide Awareness and the #OutOfTheDarkness walks, so you might see the purple and teal ribbon on some of my pages. #YouAreEnough

One of my favorite tattoos says Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle so I hashtag things #AlwaysSparkle because you should never be afraid to be YOU!

So, be sure to #AlwaysSparkle !!

My love for my Pens has inspired my stories and fuels my passion for writing. I've followed them since the early 90's when my neighbors got me into hockey.

My favorite player is Kris Letang (have you seen my tattoo?)

but I pretty much think my whole team rocks. I've been pretty lucky to have had met almost all of them. #BlackAndYellow

I always represent, lol.

Melody's Renegades Series Est. 2014