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Me, my Supernatural t-shirt, and psychics

If you didn't already know, my mom and I enjoy going to see psychic mediums at a fair they have locally a few times a year. It reminds me of a book signing, with tables of vendors (mediums, tarot card readers, vendors selling crystals or oils or whatever, palm readers, and reiki masters) some have cards or flyers, others don't. I try to say hello to everyone I pass, because I know I appreciate that when I'm the one sitting at the table.

We've been to enough of these that we have "favorite" mediums, and go to the next one hoping they will be there. I've had readings that were spot-on and others not so much. I'm a believer, but a believer that needs you to prove it to me, lol.

Usually I dive head first into these fairs, researching many of the mediums that will be there and trying quite a few. (but if Grandma is going to come around to talk to you that day, how many different things does she really feel like conveying?) I'm not for palm reading (yes, I've had it done and she was pretty accurate) nor am I into tarot cards (just not my thing.) I'm also not there to find the meaning of life or ask about lottery numbers (or who is going to win the Stanley Cup.) Some readers delve into your past lives, others talk to your angel guides. Again, not my thing. I basically am there in the hopes that a loved one or friend that has passed will make themselves known or send me a little message. Not asking a lot, huh?

Here's where you'll get a laugh at my expense.

Twice I wore my Supernatural (tv show) shirt. I thought I was being cute and figured what better place to wear it? If you watched the series, then you know the logo. My shirt had an outline of Sam, Dean, and Cas, and said POSESSED AND OBSESSED. Surely everyone at a psychic fair must know all about the Winchesters, right? So I thought. The family business? Hunting things?

The first time I wore it I got so many compliments on my shirt. Yep, I was feeling cute in my little Sam and Dean fangirl bubble that day. I wore it again the next time we went. But this time so many folks asked where I got it (my husband bought it for me on Torrid, I proudly explained.) Then many asked if I had a table at the fair. No. Well, are you with one of the readers? No. A few told me I have "the gift", they can see it. And why wasn't I there reading?

It was weird. No, I'm not anything close to a medium. I do consider myself an empath, only because I feed off of others emotions and moods. But, no, no angels are talking to me - that's why I'm there paying you folks!

When I got home it dawned on me (yeah, I'm a bit slow on the uptake.) They didn't know my shirt was from a TELEVISION SHOW. A FICTIONAL FANDOM. They thought the symbol on it was about the real supernatural (not the tv show.)

Face palm. Ugh.

My sister was like, "yeah, I figured that's what they thought your shirt was." But there I was, proud as can be showing off my SPN fandom, lol.

How embarrassing!

And no, I will not be wearing that shirt there again!

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