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Just a Quick Update

I know it's been forever since you've seen a new book from me. I'm bummed about that too.

Things got weird during the pandemic. I was used to a house all to myself all day long. Long stretches of silence that I would sit and write. But suddenly everyone was home. And half the time everyone is still home.

I have a few stories on my mind that I want to write. Sitting down to do it will be the hard part. Over the last 6 months I have been working on me and trying to get healthy (lose weight). It's a lot of work to go from sitting for 8-10 hours a day, to meal planning, cooking, (now) adding in movement and exercise, and adding using my Lymphedema pump for an hour a day (I might as well nap while I do that, because you can't sit up enough to type).

The last month I have been trying to put me first, and my getting healthy journey. Well, that leaves no time to sitting and writing.

I need a better plan! I will start trying to plan my day out so I can get these words to paper. I need to! I want to.

Speaking of words. I know you are all probably anxious for the next Renegades book, and believe me, I feel like a piece of garbage that I haven't given that to you yet. But that story just isn't coming to me. The characters have been off doing who knows what instead of talking to me, and it's frustrating. So, I am going to let that go for the moment. The book will be written. The series will continue. I am just finally letting myself take the break from it. I had been forcing a story that wasn't there for the last year, and I just need to allow myself to back off. Let it come naturally. When it's ready to.

In the meantime, I am going to work on one or two other stories I keep thinking about. I at least know one of them will be a standalone. The hardest part will be trying to sit and do it, after a month of telling myself that I need to get up and move...

So, I apologize that Delay of Game won't be out any time soon.

But stick around so you don't miss the announcement when it's finally time.

And I hope to get something new to you in 2024! Stay Tuned...

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