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Did you know I have a Sweet Romance Series too?

Did you know that in addition to my spicy hockey romance series, I also have a sweet low heat romance series called The Holiday Series.

The first in the series is a collaboration between myself and author Mary Smith- Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas. The next three are solo books.

This series is different than The Renegades. First, there's no hockey. And like I said, it's a sweet low heat romance. Slow burn. College romance.

I love my Renegades, but I am also a Hallmark movie fanatic. I love the cute and mostly cliche stories. Suddenly I was inspired to write my own holiday themed Hallmark type romance. It all started with Wanted: Boyfriend for Christmas. It was so much fun to write, and I fell in love with the roommate Harley. I needed to tell her story!

Harley's story revolves around Valentine's Day but can be read any time of the year.

And while this series may not be what you are used to from me, if you're a cute holiday television movie fan, I hope you'll check it out.

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