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Pittsburgh Author.

Wife. Mom. Avid Hockey Fan. General Hospital Fan.

Coffee Lover. Gilmore Girls Fan.

Pittsburgh Penguins Fan. Hallmark Movies.

Tattooed. Chicago Fire/PD Fan.

Fast and Furious Fan. Paul Walker Fan.

Morgan’s world had been turned upside down and starting over was stressful enough. Even though moving in with her uncle and his family seemed like the fiscally responsible decision, she was itching for her own space. She just graduated college and was ready to make something of herself.

Travis Anderson was a rookie with the Renegades professional hockey team. Being in a new city with a new team he had one goal: to make a name for himself. His focus was on hockey – it’s all he had. Until he ran in to Morgan Benson and her amazing blue eyes that he couldn’t seem to shake.

What he wasn’t expecting was that Morgan was the niece of one of his new teammates. Travis was already on Coach Walker’s radar as a rookie. Dating Sam Morris’s niece had him skating on thin ice.

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