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Melody Heck Gatto lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and son, and a cat and a dog.

They are avid hockey fans. She likes to read when she isn't writing or watching a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game. You can often find her at the local Starbucks ordering her favorite drink, Iced Mocha.

I write hockey romance. My series is The Renegades.



Melody scores a win with Playing the Game, the third book in The Renegades Series. This contemporary sports romance is suitable to both new adult and adult audiences. It is set in modern Pittsburgh. The plot was believable and stirring. I enjoy Melody’s writing style. It flows well and is easy to follow. - Diane


I loved Gia and Patrick's story. You knew, even in book one that she felt something for Patrick that wasn't there with Tyler. Gia's head was telling her heart she loved Tyler and in her own way, I believe she did. We can love many people in many different ways, was she 'in love' with him, that was where her head was lying to her heart.

I was pulled in from the beginning as Patrick and Gia are once again brought together for a family gathering. The author did an exceptional job of showing how conflicted Gia was, that she felt she loved Tyler and didn't want to cheat on him, but her heart had other plans.

I really loved this book and originally I gave this a four star but changed it to a five. I went back and reread it and I realized that the author did this for a reason. Book Three will be Tyler's story and it may spoil the plot to give us where he is coming from. There is a lot in this book that made me feel for Tyler. His teammates and the coach seem to be on the "Patrick/Gia" train without any regard to what Patrick did to Tyler. That being said, it is all about the game and winning. They can't get involved in the personal side of things. Very realistic, IMO, a book I will read over and over.

That being said, overall, I loved this book. I was very HAPPY to find out that Tyler will get his story. This reader hopes that she treats Tyler to EXTRA EXTRA loving. He deserves it. Anyone who reads the reviews and is turned off by them, let me say this. Life doesn't give everyone a happy ending all the time. The book moved me. It made me laugh, angry, sad and left me hungering for the next book. That means that Melody did her job as a writer, she made me feel. Long after I had finished it, my mind was still turning over the endless possibilities for all these characters and where they are headed. I have burning questions. Will Tyler stay with the Renegades? Will he have a 'bro' friendship on the team with anyone? Who is this woman and how will she ever get past the scars that Gia left on his heart? I for one am staying tuned, anxiously waiting for book three, Tyler's story. Hats off to you Melody, a really GREAT read! - Mary


I normally never leave a review, but after the 5th time re-reading I just had to! This book is an absolute joy to read and you should totally try it!  - Laura (Score On Me)




This book is full of everything a romantic hockey girl could love. Kat has a major crush on Kris, a sexy hockey player for the Renegades but knows it is a dream, there is no way he could ever fall for her. But with dreams, sometimes they do come true.

I couldn't put this book down. Both Kat and Kris have insecurities/fears of things that life has given them and the author did a tremendous job of dealing with them. Whenever I read a book, I always think ahead, trying in my mind to feel out where the book was headed. Melody did a great job of surprising me, of going in a direction I hadn't expected. I fell in love with Kris and Kat. I have already purchased book two and hope to see more of this series. I recommend this author and the series. You will not be disappointed. - Mary


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